Wellness Care

Both cats and dogs can experience health conditions just like humans can.

For this reason, it’s vital that you bring your canine companion or feline friend in wellness care throughout their lives. This can help you track your fur baby’s progress in life and prevent any potential illnesses or diseases from developing. Murray Hill Pet Hospital provides high-quality, compassionate wellness care to keep your companion happy and healthy.

Wellness Care Services Provided

During each and every one of our wellness care visits, we strive to make our patients
comfortable and happy.

vet with cat

Our staff knows that this time can be stressful for your furry friends, so we approach every patient with friendly and open arms.

After you check in, your pet’s wellness exam will begin with a basic body exam. Our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive hands-on exam to check for abnormalities with the bones, tissue, or other internal structures. Following this, specialized care options will begin.

If your pet is young or is due for vaccinations, these will be administered. We base the vaccines that your best friend needs on their lifestyle rather than providing them with unnecessary vaccines. In addition, we can insert a microchip into your pet. Smaller than a grain of rice, this device is inserted between your companion’s shoulder blades and acts as an identification tag. When scanned, it pulls up your contact information as well as our clinic information. For older pets, we also provide specialized senior care to help make their golden years their best years.

Wellness Care in Murray Hill

To ensure your pet is in proper health, wellness exams are essential. They can help you identify changes that your dog or cat may be going through and aid in the prevention of potential harm. When you choose Murray Hill Pet Hospital for your pet’s wellness care needs, you can rest assured knowing they are in exceptional hands. Call now to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

Cat examined by Veterinarian