In-House Diagnostics

If you’re dealing with an emergency, you don’t want to wait for results.

Instead, you’d rather have them at the tip of your fingers. While other veterinarian offices may not offer in-house diagnostic services, Murray Hill Pet Hospital does. We know just how important it is to get the results of your furry friend’s tests back quickly, so we are equipped with our own in-house diagnostics equipment. This means that no matter what issue your pet may have, we can figure out what’s going on without you having to trek from place to place or wait days for results.

In-House Diagnostic Services Provided

Our pet hospital offers a wide range of accurate and efficient diagnostic testing services.

You can’t have a proper in-house diagnostic set-up without having a laboratory. With our laboratory, we can examine levels of blood and fecal matter, heartworms, electrolytes, and more.

If your companion has suffered an orthopedic issue, the use of an X-ray can help determine the exact issue and location of the problem. Whether it’s a bone break or a degenerative issue, we can determine the cause of your furry friend’s pain with radiology.

Cute cat

Pet In-House Diagnostic Services in Murray Hill

When your cat or dog isn’t feeling well, diagnostic services are crucial. While some veterinarian offices send samples off to other facilities or require you to leave their office and visit another location for diagnostics, Murray Hill Pet Hospital has all of the in-house diagnostic services you’d need under one roof. Call us to schedule an appointment and make your furry friend feel as healthy as ever.